Sexy Alanna teasing wiggling her long toes

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“You like the smell of my sweaty feet, don’t you? They’ve been in those sandals all day, so I hope you like it pervert!” sexy Alanna teased as she turned on the TV.

How long was she going to keep my nose pressed against the inside of her sandal like this? I wasn’t getting as much air as before, and I began to feel dizzy. I moaned loudly several times, but she only increased the pressure on the back of my head.
“Not getting enough air, baby? Aww, how sad,” she said flipping through the channels.
I was afraid of passing out until she released my head and pushed me to my back. I was too weak to do anything. My head was spinning, and my cock was throbbing. She wasn’t going to let my recover that easily, though. After my first large inhalations, she pressed both of her bare feet on my face, pinching my nose and holding my mouth shut. She allowed just enough air to enter my nose as to keep me from passing out completely, though.
“Smell my feet, you little pervert. I want them to be the only thing you smell,” she said evilly, laughing at my submissive foot fetish.


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