Hot brunette Celine with long toes

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We were just talking sitting at a table, drinking a coffee when I saw her legs. Brunette, sexy and delicate, Celine was dressed in a perfect white modern blouse and short jeans that emphasised the beauty of her long tanned legs. My eyes looked down interested to see the feet. I was so pleased to see two gorgeous feet in purple sandals. The straps of the sandals made the feet look even sexier. I saw delicate long toes with white polished nails and I bowed to touch them. She raised her legs and she got off her sexy shoes. I took them and I smelled the great taste of her feet. As she watched me touching her sandals, she sat on the table and she raised her legs on the chair, in front of me. I was so pleased because she offered me her long toes and I started to suck them. Kissing and licking these amazing soles was an more than exiting and sexy experience!


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