Sexy blonde Kera with long toes

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Blonde, long hair, tall, slender, beautiful smile, Kera seems to be a character from a James Bond movie. Dressed in a perfect all black outfit that is flattering her sexy body, Kera is aware of her sex appeal. Although her tits are big and round, I am more attracted to her feet. She is wearing some gorgeous beige high heels which are making my imagination go wild. I am already seeing myself licking these heels and sniffing the worm odor inside them. Kera loves to be a little dominant but I love this about her. She uses to order me to clean her soles when she takes off her shoes, threatening me that she will not let me put my dick between her soles if her feet are not perfectly cleaned. I love to play the role of the obedient slave who worships her feet, and whose unique wish is to make his mistress happy.


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