Beautiful blonde Inga barefoot on the bed

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I am looking at Inga: she is sitting on the bed, wearing black leather trousers and a sexy black lacy brassiere. Her interesting colored tattoos can easily be noticed on her back. She looks like a foxy cattish who is hunting for her catch. Only by looking at me I feel like I am hypnotized, I’m totally under her power. Her red hot lips and her red polished nails are also a kind of sexual weapons which are used to subjugate me. She is just standing there, barefoot, moving from time to time, rubbing her feet, paying footsie with me. She sees my hard dick on my trousers and she invites me show it to her. I obey and I put it between her big feet. My excitation is so big that when she starts to move her feet along my dick, my sperm pumps out instantly.


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