Beautiful model Martina with perfect toenails

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Oh, yes, of course! My brunette Marilyn Monroe! I am talking about my sweet Martina: beautiful, cute, sexy and girlish in the same time. How sensual she is looking at me playing with her both perfect legs. As she is taking off her black shinny high heels, I am near to kiss her shoes, to feel the scent inside them. I can’t get enough of her smell. The next thing I do is watching Martina teasing me with her perfect feet, wiggling her cute toes, arching her soles. I am getting horny and anxious to touch her feet, to kiss and caress her soles. Martina’s perfect toenails are waiting for my kisses because I find them very sensual. It is no longer a secret for Martina the fact that I love to come with my hard dick between her soft soles.


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