Hot blonde with grey painted toenails

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Inga is wearing a long colorful silky dress but she uncovers her long legs so that I can see them. Obviously, she is barefoot and I notice that her nail toes are painted in grey and that her toes are incredibly sexy. I kneel and I start touching her legs, feeling the soft skin and the warmth of her body. She balances her feet and she touches gently my mouth with her big toe, teasing me, and smiling when she sees my cock getting harder into my pants. She doesn’t want me to touch her feet with my hands, only with my mouth. She wants my hands to keep my manhood hard while she pushes her toes into my mouth, making me taste and lick her amazing feet.

Beautiful Nerissa showing her soles

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Brunette, tall and slim, Nerrisa is the girl that every man would have dreamed of. Most of all I like her legs, her beautiful long legs. She knows how to walk, like a feline, calm and sensual. She sits on the black sofa raising her legs on the table. Nerrisa loves playing, moving back and forth, crossing her long legs dressed in blue stretched jeans. I love her sitting on the black sofa, showing me her beautiful soles.

Her feet are delicate, soft and slender; her toes are continuously touching each other and I imagine myself kissing them for hours without getting enough of them. Nerissa dressed in her blue jeans leggings is a goddess and I worship her long slender toes with her nude polished toenails.

Hera-Hot brunette with amazing feet

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This time we have Hera – but looking like a million dollars dressed like a princess! We were just star struck as she looked so sexy as if she was going to Cannes or the Oscar ceremonies. But the icing on the cake was when she revealed her amazing sexy feet, perfect meaty soles with long meaty toes perfectly pedicured with her signature long toenails that look so sexy it hurts!