Sexy redhead Arielle in grey pantyhose

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Arielle is a nice girl with red hair and a gorgeous body. Most of all I am attracted to her long legs. I admire her legs from short to shoes.
As she enters the room she sits on a comfortable armchair showing her legs dressed in grey delicate pantyhose. She raises her sexy shoes knowing that I like high heels.

I ask her to take off her high heel shoes so that I can feel her silky toes. It’s an amazingly sweet sensation to put my face along her feet. Her polished black toenails are so sexy and I can see them under the
smooth pantyhose.

Sexy Arielle in flat sandals

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Dressed in a sexy tight sporting outfit, that alone will stir up your testosterone and looking down at her flat white matching sandals with sexy dark blue toes – will have you jumping out of your seat! The sexy sandals showing off her sexy thick meaty toes with deep nail beds in sexy dark blue will make you weak – Arielle is aware what effect her feet has on every living man!

New model Arielle – Hot redhead with big meaty soles

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Arielle – this hot red headed milf will surely have make you hot with desire! That hot sexy face with a toned tanned sexy body was just oozing with sex appeal, sitting at lounge her long legs revealed matured meaty pads of feet excellence! Meaty soles that have matured and filled out, with plump meaty long toes that are waiting to be savoured!