Barefoot girl shows soles outdoors

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We found a nice place somewhere in the forest and Audrey thought it would be fun to get in the trunk and kick off her shoes. Watch her slender long soles slightly dirty and her great french pedicure!


Babe showing her hot shaped soles

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Shayla is back to make us all dream with her gorgeous smile and beautiful strong feet covered in sheer nude pantyhose. Enjoy!


Brunette kicks off her shoes showing her soft soles

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Cute Selena kicks off her shows and puts her feet up on the chair while reading the magazine. Drool for her sexy long toes and big arched soles!


Brunette showing her big slender soles

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Hot Jennifer comes back to delight us with her dominant look and amazingly beautiful slender soles. Her perfect pedicured toenails make it even better, so don’t miss these pics in huge resolution on our site!


Brunette kicks off her shoes showing her soft soles

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Beautiful and stylish Greta will kick off those sexy shoes she was wearing for a long walk and shows you her soft high arched soles and her lovely long toes! Enjoy this one!


Tall girl shows her wide big soles

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Tall Tatiana will show you her big wide soles right out of her sandals, with and without her tan nylons socks!


Hot girl with violet toenails

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Hot Alanis rest on the bed and shows you her amazing feet and violet painted toenails!


Hot latina barefoot on the bed

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Eliana is checking her phone while rubbing her sexy meaty soles in front of your eyes!


Brunette in grey nylon socks

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Cute Eliana is resting on the bed wearing her favorite jeans and grey nylon socks. Enjoy her meaty arched soles and french pedicured toenails as she takes off the nylon socks!


Girl in sheer tan nylons on the bar

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Watch Jennifer kicking off her shoes and teasing you with her shaped slender soles covered in sheer tan nylons!