Sexy curly Imelda girl with rough soles

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Imelda with big brown eyes wants me to come to bed with her. She acts like a master who wants to be obeyed. Her jeans are sexy, flattering her long legs and her bottom, and her bare feet are beautifully exposed. A sexy foot bracelet is on her right ankle and she orders me to kiss her feet. I know that this is a great pleasure of hers but she also knows that I am getting very horny when she makes me kiss her rough soles. As she mourns with pleasure my cock is getting harder and harder; she notices this important detail of my excited body and she asks me to put my virility between her soles. I am getting an amazing feet job and curly Imelda is also satisfied.

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Sexy curly Imelda brunette with rough soles

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Just looking at Imelda, anyone can understand that she is a continuous source of energy: brunette, tall, slender, long curly hair, long legs and tanned skin. She loves to play and she laughs a lot, acting like a naughty little girl. Her short flowery skirt is perfectly matched with her flowery high heels shoes. Oh, I love to smell these shoes, as soon as Imelda takes them off her feet. She lets me enjoy my fetish, meanwhile exposing her bare feet. I am looking at her rough soles and the scent of her warm shoes has already excited me. Getting closer to her, she teases me playing with her feet, spreading her long toes and balancing her legs. My tongue on her rough soles, sliding along, tasting her skin, is provoking adouble pleasure: mine and Imelda’s.