Beautiful Alexis in tan RHT nylons

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Alexis dangled her white high heel with confidence as she spoke to me on my knees, “I have decided to lend you out to my friend, whom you will address as Noelle, for about one week, maybe longer. During that time you will obey her and do all that she asks of you. She may reward you by allowing you to suck her feet and toes.”

“If for any reason she decides to punish you, she has my full permission to do so at her discretion, and if I do not receive a good report from her I may punish you further.”

With that, Alexis removed her high heel and placed it before my nose. “Sniff,’ she commanded. I sniffed deeply, inhaling the pungent aroma of her leather heels, mixed with the intoxicating scent of warm, moist nylons and her perfume. I attempted to gaze up her short pink skirt to catch a glimpse of her panties.

I was soon repelled by a hard, sharp slap to my face. “You need to be trained by Noelle! Keep your head below my knees and stare at my feet.”

She dangled her sexy white pump on her toes for several minutes as I watched, mesmerized. “Oh, there’s some dirt on the spike of my heel,” she said as she inspected it, acting surprised and amused. It was so sexy and coy the way she presented her spiked heel to my mouth.

“Lick it OFF NOW!” Alexis had always been somewhat dominant, but I had never seen her be this demanding of me, but I was enjoying being told to worship her feet and heels.

Soon she flexed her nylon encased foot before my face, arched her foot and wrinkled the soles of her silky feet, as she rubbed her foot scent all over my face and mouth.


She inserted her foot into my mouth as far as she could, tucking her beautiful blonde hair behind her one ear and laughed at me in a teasing, provocative way.

“Warm my feet with your big mouth until I say to stop, or I will whip you hard!”

With that command, she proceeded to take a nice nap on the couch while using my mouth as her foot warmer. I knelt and obeyed, even though it hurt kneel to kneel and stay in that position for quite some time.

I felt humiliated but I was excited and aroused at the way she had just treated me and dominated me with her feet. I could not wait to meet Noelle.

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Kate-Beautiful girl in black patterned nylons and barefoot

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Sexy Caroline in tan nylons

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Beautiful Noelle in grey RHT nylons

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“Smell my feet, you little pervert. I want them to be the ONLY thing you smell,” Noelle said condescendingly. “AND don’t touch my feet with your hands!”

I only moaned in return. I don’t know how long she kept me on the floor with her feet covering my face, but I couldn’t get enough. The soft texture of the nylons mixed with her sweat continued to make me ache. I desperately wanted to touch her highly arched feet but I didn’t want to disobey the young goddess dominating me.

After what seemed like a good hour, she had enough of me being her footstool.

“You’ve been such a good little foot boy,” she teased me as she talked. “I think you have earned the right to worship my feet with only your tongue now.”

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Brunette rubs her nyloned feet

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Because of my submissive foot fetish I had always desired to be dominated by a sexy woman, so I paid a dominant Lana to be allowed to worship her feet for a couple of hours in order to fulfill my fantasy.
She placed a collar around my neck and held my leash and from my position on the floor I was able to view the sexy brunette’s arches and I could not help but notice that she had a small riding crop on the bed beside her. She had on tan nylons with tight jeans and her legs were so curvy and sexy. I was immediately infatuated with her very presence and trembling in anticipation of what may come. She walked around behind my naked body and placed handcuffs around my wrists.
After a while, she had me kneel and kiss her nylon covered foot just below the ankle line of her jeans while she held a handful of my hair. “Now remove my shoes and kiss them.” When I did the most wonderful scent of nylon and shoe leather wafted into my nostrils and the back of my head tingled with excitement. She flexed her lovely toes before my eyes and noted my reaction. She forced her pungent warm nylon toes into my mouth all the way to the back of my throat.
“Suck them you little foot slave!” she demanded as she flexed her powerful foot inside my mouth. “Next you will lick my bare feet until I tell you to stop!” she said as she delivered a sexy but stern slap to my blushing face. I deep throat-ed her foot in obedience as I looked submissively into her dominant eyes.
I now knew that I would never again be able to look at a beautiful woman’s feet without thinking of being her foot slave, as the brunette Mistress toyed with her riding crop and smiled with pleasure at my humiliation.

nyloned feett

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