Ronna-Sexy model with red toenails

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I am Ronna, and I am going to be your mistress for some time. I must say that I am going to keep you in my service as long as you satisfy all my needs. You are not allowed to complain or to request anything. All you have to do is obey my orders. It might sound a little harsh but I don’t like whinnies. You also have to satisfy my special need for relaxing foot massages. You should not be surprised when I am going to ask you to clean my large soles with your tongue because I adore how a tongue feels on my feet’s skin. I know I am beautiful and love to wear red. As you can already see my red jeans, my lips and my red toenails which, by the way, are expecting some kisses.

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Ronna-barefoot in sexy lingerie

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I am Ronna, as you problably already know. You’ve seen be before and you have obeyed all my orders. I am pretty sure that you also loved my mistress attitude. That’s why you are here again, isn’t it? Look at me, at my perfect body! I love to expose it. Today I am wearing this sexy black lingerie that flatters the perfect curves of my body: the bubs, my firm ass, my thin waist, my long legs and my perfectly shaped feet. Please, dare to come closer! As you can see I am barefoot on this large bed, expecting you to worship me, to kiss my soles until your dick becomes hard as a rock, and then I am going to make you come using both my feet and my meaty soft toes.

Ronna – Hot tall girl with smooth soles

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Hi, I am Ronna, and I’ve been expecting for a feet lover like you for a while. Now that you’re here I think you are aware that I am going to make you kiss my feet and clean my soles. For the beginning I want you to touch my sandals and kiss them all over. Don’t be shy, I am sure you like it. Don’t you find them sexy and appealing? Now that you’re getting excited I want you to take them off and give me a gentle feet massage. Can you feel my smooth soles, my big meaty toes? Don’t worry, I am going to make you come but first you must lick them so that your cock gets as hard as I love to feel it between my feet.