Tall blonde teasing with her huge soles

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Beautiful Annika has been walking all the day long, and now her size nine feet are burning hot and she wants to relax. That’s why she often invites me over, her boyfriend and willing foot slave.
I am ready to do anything to please my gorgeous girlfriend. She likes to tie my hands behind my back, so the only way to massage Annika’s feet is to use my tongue.

First, I have to obediently suck the sweet pantyhose toes and soles of the hot blonde. I crave the scent of her warm, pungent feet and she loves rubbing her feet all over my face.
She poses her feet just out of reach of my face and then spreads those long pedicured blue toes of hers apart, arching her soles.
The beautiful sight of her high arches, nice wide soles and long toes makes me beg her to lick and smell her feet even more.
Finally, she allows me to remove her pantyhose, using only my teeth, and makes me suck her bare toes.
After awhile she uses one foot on top of my head to hold me in place as she thrust all five toes into my mouth.
“Suck them slowly and wash between my toes,” she said flippantly. She knows I will do anything for her, and she likes to have her feet adored in this way.
As she continues, I am made to lay on the floor and she positions her feet above my face and mouth. Soon I am intimately familiar with every soft wrinkle and crevice of her soft, succulent feet. I often peek at her beautiful face from below her bare feet and it seems she is pleased with my work.

Beautiful Alexis in tan RHT nylons

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Alexis dangled her white high heel with confidence as she spoke to me on my knees, “I have decided to lend you out to my friend, whom you will address as Noelle, for about one week, maybe longer. During that time you will obey her and do all that she asks of you. She may reward you by allowing you to suck her feet and toes.”

“If for any reason she decides to punish you, she has my full permission to do so at her discretion, and if I do not receive a good report from her I may punish you further.”

With that, Alexis removed her high heel and placed it before my nose. “Sniff,’ she commanded. I sniffed deeply, inhaling the pungent aroma of her leather heels, mixed with the intoxicating scent of warm, moist nylons and her perfume. I attempted to gaze up her short pink skirt to catch a glimpse of her panties.

I was soon repelled by a hard, sharp slap to my face. “You need to be trained by Noelle! Keep your head below my knees and stare at my feet.”

She dangled her sexy white pump on her toes for several minutes as I watched, mesmerized. “Oh, there’s some dirt on the spike of my heel,” she said as she inspected it, acting surprised and amused. It was so sexy and coy the way she presented her spiked heel to my mouth.

“Lick it OFF NOW!” Alexis had always been somewhat dominant, but I had never seen her be this demanding of me, but I was enjoying being told to worship her feet and heels.

Soon she flexed her nylon encased foot before my face, arched her foot and wrinkled the soles of her silky feet, as she rubbed her foot scent all over my face and mouth.


She inserted her foot into my mouth as far as she could, tucking her beautiful blonde hair behind her one ear and laughed at me in a teasing, provocative way.

“Warm my feet with your big mouth until I say to stop, or I will whip you hard!”

With that command, she proceeded to take a nice nap on the couch while using my mouth as her foot warmer. I knelt and obeyed, even though it hurt kneel to kneel and stay in that position for quite some time.

I felt humiliated but I was excited and aroused at the way she had just treated me and dominated me with her feet. I could not wait to meet Noelle.

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Amazing Nathalie in sexy red dress

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“Get over here NOW!” the dominant Nathalie said as she crossed her legs in her short, slinky red dress.

“Kneel down, I want you to show me how much you adore me. I’ve been walking around all day in these heels you bought me and my feet are killing me.”

“First bury your nose in my nylons and sniff!” She pushed the back of my head into her foot and pushed my nose into her warm moist soles.

“Now I want you to suck ALL of the stink out of my nylons.”

“If you’re a good boy, I may even let you kiss the black bow on the back of my skirt, and then I’m gonna relax and watch TV while you kiss my butt,” she said in a disdainful way.

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Beautiful Selena teasing with her amazing feet

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My girlfriend, Selena enjoys walking barefoot in high heels and then having me service her hot bare feet with a mouth massage.

Often she will have me lay under the glass table at her place and gaze at her amazingly soft soles before I am allowed to begin, just to tease and tantalize me. Her bare feet leave footprints on the glass top and she has me tongue clean the glass while she watches and giggles at my excited state of arousal.

“How bad do you want my feet?” she will ask in a superior way.

I have to beg over and over, just for the opportunity to make love to her beautiful feet.

“I may just have to ban you from my feet for a week or even more.”

“Please, Selena, please don’t do that,” I beg with no shame. “I really enjoy making out with your feet, they are so soft and pretty, and I love the smell and taste of them.”

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Judita sheer pantyhose tease

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Cute Judita teasing you in sheer tights.

leggings feet

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Salma – Hot brunette in tan pantyhose

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Salma moved her tan peep toe pump and dangled it from her foot until it hung right in front of my face. “Now I want you to kiss it!”

I strained my neck forward to kiss her foot. When I got close she pulled it forward a little more, tauntingly keeping it just out of reach. The harder I tried, the quicker she moved it away, until I actually began to hear myself whimper a little bit.

“Awww…” Salma said tauntingly “What are you going to do if I won’t let you kiss my little foot?”

Salma put her foot down and sat up on the end of the couch. “I tell you what…maybe if you BEG me to let you kiss my foot…”

I moved quickly. In an instant I was on my knees in front of her, head down, my eyes transfixed on her two beautiful feet perched side by side. I was willing to do whatever it took to get my lips on them. Her French pedicured toes looked like gems in her tan pantyhose and I could smell her foot scent, mixed with the leather from her pumps.

“P-p-p-lease don’t tell anyone…” I managed to say.

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Tall Carola shows her long legs and feet on the bed

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It was Carola’s turn to have her way with me. I was a male stripper at a bachelorette party and the girls had quickly figured out I had a foot fetish because I got aroused at the sight of their bare feet.

They now had me restrained at the end of the bed upstairs so they could each take turns making me suck their toes and lick their soles. Carola was a tall beauty with nice long feet and an erotic but demanding demeanor.

“Suck them SLAVE, and then when I say you are done you are going to have to kiss my butt for as long as I say and where I say, is that understood?”

I nodded and said “Yes ma’am,” thinking to myself that this was not punishment, it was pleasure.

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Sexy Emily teasing with her sexy smooth soles

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Emily was the next female to have her way with me at the bachelorette party. The theme they had chosen for the party was to have a naked male slave-boy.

She sat on the ottoman, clutching my leash and made me remove her sandals with only my mouth and lick her sweet, smooth soles until she gave the next command.

“I want my heels licked clean, as there appears to be a bit of a dirt stain,” she said condescendingly as she pulled on the leash attached to the collar fastened around my neck, drawing me closer. I obediently crawled a bit closer on my hand and knees, completely naked.

I slavishly licked and sucked the dirt off her heel, until she crossed her leg on the ottoman and presented her other foot to my waiting face.

“Next,” she commanded, tugging slightly on the leash to draw my face to her foot.

“Begin,” she said haughtily, smirking at my obvious aroused state.

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Hot Danna in nude pantyhose

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I loved licking Danna’s pretty feet, but she would wipe her feet off on my face to further humiliate me and the musty scent would remain there for hours. It was a reminder of who was in charge.
As I looked up at her, she haughtily pointed to her foot and said “Kiss it.” I did and ended up using my tongue to clean the dust off the bottom of her soles, while she arched her foot before my face and made me beg for additional foot kisses by pulling her foot just out of range.
“Use your mouth to make my feet warm,” she would command. Then she would plunge as much of her stocking clad foot into my mouth and laugh at my submissiveness. “Yeth Danna,” I said with a mouth full of foot, as I looked into her eyes in a total act of humiliation.
She howled with laughter at my plight and obvious excitement. I was blushing and my face was hot with embarrassment, but I would do anything she wanted just to kiss her foot, and she knew that.

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Sidney – Hot brunette showing her sexy ass and sexy feet

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Sidney had me kneeling before her kissing her ass and begging to kiss her soft, sexy feet when she suddenly spoke.

“Do you want to smell them?” Sidney asked, with a seductive tone, looking down at me on the floor below her.

I nodded. Sidney spread her toes and pushed them down above my nose, to which I responded by pushing my nose into them and taking a deep breath in through my nose.

My eyes rolled back into my head in ecstasy.

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