Tall girl teasing with her sexy feet

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What do tall sexy girls have that most foot fetishist lust for?? The answer is BIG sexy feet with long toes and that’s clearly what we have here, not only do her long legs go on for miles in those tight sexy jeans but they reveal long elegant feet in sexy sandals with equally long dexterous toes that could grab you with ease!

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Tonia-Sexy blonde with small feet

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Hi! My name is Tonya and I love having my feet caressed and kissed. I think that this is a proper presentation because you’ve came here especially to meet the kind of girl I am. I am expecting you to take off my white socks and to touch my small feet. Today I chose to wear a pair of modern jeans and a comfortable chemise. I think that I look pretty sexy and appealing for a foot lover, especially because I am going to let you sniff my soles and use my white socks as you like. Can you already feel the warmth of my feet? I am sure that my blue painted toenails are not just sexy but as tasteful as you imagine.

Tonia-Hot blonde with arched soles

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Hi! I am Tonia and I am very proud of my arched soles! As you can easily notice, I am very independent and with initiative, not expecting for the man to make the first step, on the contrary, I love to be the one who is leading in a relationship. That’s why I am going to be the one who is asking for a special treat like a foot massage, followed by a footjob. You must be sure that if you want to satisfy my needs I must ask you to do everything for me, even to kiss my feet or to suck my meaty toes. You should not be shy because I do not like it about a man.