Cutie in white pantyhose

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A hot photoset of young cute Amanda wearing white RHT pantyhose and showing off her long legs and big soles! You’ll just love watching this cutie’s big arched soles jut out of her sandals!


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Beautiful blonde in white pantyhose

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You are kneeling at the end of the couch as Clara slips off the new heels you just purchased for her. At 23, Clara knows how to hold a captive audience. Her last boyfriend had a foot fetish, and she already knows how to manipulate you like a toy. She laughs and teases, “Do you really want to smell them footboy?” You blush and say, “Yes, Clara.” She bursts out laughing as she raises her moist wet white nylon foot near your nose and scrunches it. As you attempt to sniff she pulls her foot up higher, just out of reach. “Please may I …. Clara!” as your voice breaks in trepidation. She responds by arching her foot and wiping your face with her warm foot and the smell of the shoe leather mixed with her nylons becomes like an aphrodisiac to you. You stutter, “May I p… p… please!” Clara laughs hard, and tosses her beautiful blonde hair back confidently. She knows she has another foot boy to adore her and that this one will be her completely devoted foot slave.

white pantyhose

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Kamila in the bath

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Kamila getting dressed with pantyhose in the bathroom.


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Brunette in sexy white pantyhose

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Brunette Arlene is one of our latest models and she will make pantyhose lovers dream about her long legs and beautiful feet covered in sexy white pantyhose! Enjoy!


Melany’s big soles in white nylons

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Melany has some of the best looking feet we’ve ever seen. Long smooth soles, long toes, perfect looking toenails. Watch her feet in white pantyhose while she rubs and arches them!


Kelly in white nylons and jeans

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Kelly is another hottie I had the pleasure to shoot with recently and here are a few pics of her showing her feet in white nylons. You’ll absolutely love her smile and beautiful eyes and also her nice shaped feet. Enjoy!