Hot Alanna with red toe polish

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What better than red to suit Alana with her dark curly hair, but red matching toe polish – there is simply no other colour in question for Alana, simply red! Alana has naturally working girl soles, that would no doubt have a beautiful scent and together with her red toe nails and meaty soles – we are always in awe!

Alanna-Beautiful brunette with red toenails

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Curly black haired brunette girls usually don’t come better than the beautiful Alana and what better it is when she displays her ferrari red toenails with matching sexy red heels! Alana’s red toenails are simply immaculate and hypnotizing – they will certainly be in your mind after she displays them sensually and erotically captivating your soul!

Alanna-Beautiful brunette with shiny red toenails

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The beautiful Alana was the kind of brunette I always craved for, petite, curvy and naturally sexy from head to toe! Looking deep into my eyes she captivated me with her shiny red stiletto heels, dangling them before my eyes – reading my mind, knowing that I’d be hooked to her delicious feet. Immediately realising my lustful glances of foot fetish desire, she slips off her shiny red heels, displaying the most perfectly proportioned tapered succulent toes! With toenails perfectly pedicured and shining like emeralds my eyes go into a trance of desire to suck Alana’s toes one by one! She acknowledges with a cheeky smile that translated “You are my foot slave!” but words were not needed!
Alana then displays her beautiful smooth soles, with the most sexiest toe pads revealing their strength and elegance that made me melt below her feet.

Sexy Alanna teasing wiggling her long toes

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“You like the smell of my sweaty feet, don’t you? They’ve been in those sandals all day, so I hope you like it pervert!” sexy Alanna teased as she turned on the TV.

How long was she going to keep my nose pressed against the inside of her sandal like this? I wasn’t getting as much air as before, and I began to feel dizzy. I moaned loudly several times, but she only increased the pressure on the back of my head.
“Not getting enough air, baby? Aww, how sad,” she said flipping through the channels.
I was afraid of passing out until she released my head and pushed me to my back. I was too weak to do anything. My head was spinning, and my cock was throbbing. She wasn’t going to let my recover that easily, though. After my first large inhalations, she pressed both of her bare feet on my face, pinching my nose and holding my mouth shut. She allowed just enough air to enter my nose as to keep me from passing out completely, though.
“Smell my feet, you little pervert. I want them to be the only thing you smell,” she said evilly, laughing at my submissive foot fetish.

Sexy Alanna with her red polished toenails

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Alanna loves to tease foot lovers by dangling her black and tan heels, which expose plenty of toe cleavage and highlight the curves of her highly arched foot. After awhile, she slips off her heels, allowing you a view of her curved toes and the plump balls of her feet, as well as the supple white fleshy area of the soles of her arches, which are complimented by her soft, pink heels. She may even allow you to kiss her cute butt cheeks, after you have sucked her toes sufficiently and licked her feet clean!

Alanna – Beautiful brunette barefoot in tight jeans

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Alanna sat back down on the edge of the leather chair and kicked off her sandals. She extended her leg in the air and slowly inspected the soles of her highly arched feet which had some rough spots on the balls of her feet and a callous on her big toe. There were some dirt stains on her heels and the balls of her pretty feet from walking around outside, especially on the rough, dry areas of her soles.
Lying back on the couch, Alanna hung one foot off the side, hanging about six inches off the ground, and looked contemptuously at me.
“Kiss my foot,” she said out of the blue.
I looked at her and she had this girlish grin on her face. She giggled, started swinging her foot, and extending her toe in a point.
“Last chance, kiss my foot,” she said.
I got out of the other chair, and Alanna raised her leg, putting her pretty foot in front of my face. I reached out to grab it and she took it away, again letting it hang inches from the floor. I stood there foolishly, with my shorts quickly becoming a tent, as I grew to full length. I turned red with embarrassment as Alanna laughed at my humiliation.
“Beg,” she said, “Beg to kiss my foot.”

I had to do it. I needed to kiss her glorious foot. My whole body was consumed with that single desire.
“Alanna, may I please…” I began, but she extended her leg and put her foot on the tip of my rock member, pushing down. I moaned in pleasure as she said sternly:
“On your knees.”
I sank to my knees before her. How shameful I must have appeared. I looked into her eyes and she could see the pleading look written on my face. She knew I would do anything to kiss her stinky, dirty feet.
“Clean them, using your tongue,” she proclaimed in a scornful manner.
I meekly used my tongue, timidly washing the dirtiest portions of her foot and looked upward at her. She was smiling downward in a domineering way, pleased at how she had completely enslaved me so quickly.
I felt so humbled to be made into a dirty, disgusting foot washer. Then she forced her toes into my willing mouth, scraping the soles on my bottom teeth in a vulgar, intrusive manner. After that she rubbed her smelly soles all over my face, mixing her warm, salty foot smell, the leather scent from her sandals and my saliva all over my nose, mouth and cheeks, while looking at me with complete contempt, seeming to dare me to complain even a bit.
“You are now my nasty, repulsive foot slave,” she said in a snotty manner, slapping me cruelly with the bottom of her other foot on the cheek of my red face. The sound echoed in the room, increasing my humiliation.
Then she inspected the bottom of her soles and said, “You have done a terrible job of cleaning my feet, look how dirty they still are! I just may have to send you back to my mother for a punishment.”
“P…Please, Alanna,” I stammered, “I am in love with you and your feet, I love the taste and the smell and I want to please you any way I can. Please let me have some more time to clean them to your specifications. Miss Valarie will have me punished if you don’t find me acceptable. Please!!! She told me if I did not please you I would be paddled hard by her girlfriend who is a really mean dominatrix from the Ukraine and that she would invite her girlfriends to watch. Please let me be your foot slut, please! I will do whatever you please.” I was quivering, out of breath and my heart was pounding. Her mother, Valarie had made me into a completely submissive foot slave in just a short period.
Obviously pleased at my submissive compliance, she grabbed me by the ear, and pulled my face close to her face and softly smacked me with her palm on my cheek and said in a satisfied and sensuous way, “Get to work, I don’t have all day!”

Beautiful Alanna in sheer tan pantyhose

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Wealthy Russian women are really dominant and cruel and like to amuse themselves with making male servants pleasure them. They really know how to subjugate submissive males like me and use them.
Miss Valerie was a haughty Russian blonde in her early forties with her hair pulled up and expensive glasses on. She had an air of a princess about her and I was merely a servant to her due to my foot fetish.
She led me crawling on my knees into another room with my leash on to meet her daughter Miss Alanna.
My penis sprang to attention as soon as I laid eyes on Miss Alanna, who was dressed in a really short white skirt with a leather vest and a wide leather belt. She looked a lot like her mother, Miss Valarie, a dominatrix who loved to make men into foot boys.I knew the wide leather belt would be used to punish me if I disobeyed either one of these ladies, from past experience. I badly wanted to sneak a peek at her panties, and I knew that if I was caught looking I would be punished.
I obediently crawled to Miss Alanna, who was sitting on a black leather chair. She dangled her tan and black high heeled pump from her toes and dropped it on the floor revealing her perfectly formed feet, with soft wrinkled soles and perfectly formed toes.
Miss Alanna gazed at me with a stern look and lazily pointed to the shoe that had fallen on the floor. I looked downward the the shoe, knowing full well that she would “inadvertently” expose her panties to me and that I would be in a predicament for panty peeping. I had been reprimanded and paddled on a few occasions by her mother, Miss Valarie, for gazing up her skirt while sucking her toes.

“Alanna, here is your slave for today,” her mother said. “He is quite an accomplished little foot slut,” she said with a superior air about her, as she laughed.
“He is very submissive and especially good at cleaning feet with his tongue. I think you will enjoy his foot rubs and he is a dutiful little shoe shiner as well. I have him service my feet several times a day and his tongue is very talented in that regard.”
“You can start with putting your nose in my shoe and smelling it until I tell you that you may stop,” Miss Alanna said in a businesslike tone that was haughty and superior, much like her appearance. “And when you are done sniffing my heels and tongue shining both of them, I will expect you to suck my stinky scent from my pantyhose and then you will slide them off my legs and then lick my bare feet.”
At that moment, both women laughed cruelly at my plight.
I knew right away that I was destined to be Miss Alanna’s foot boy, just as I already am to her her mother Valerie.

Beautiful Alanna in sexy open toe sandals

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Your girlfriend, Alanna has been waiting for you. She knows that you love the taste of her feet after she has been walking in her leather sandals. She is willing to take advantage of your foot fetish to make you kneel down and adore her feet, while she gets the pleasure of a nice mouth massage on her soft, bare soles.

You cannot wait, as she indulges your foot fetish by flexing her arches before your eyes, and then teasingly drawing her foot back, just out of reach. She playfully foot slaps your face and then plops her entire foot as far into your willing mouth as far as she can, while laughing at your throbbing reaction to her teasing way.

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