Hot blonde with grey painted toenails

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Inga is wearing a long colorful silky dress but she uncovers her long legs so that I can see them. Obviously, she is barefoot and I notice that her nail toes are painted in grey and that her toes are incredibly sexy. I kneel and I start touching her legs, feeling the soft skin and the warmth of her body. She balances her feet and she touches gently my mouth with her big toe, teasing me, and smiling when she sees my cock getting harder into my pants. She doesn’t want me to touch her feet with my hands, only with my mouth. She wants my hands to keep my manhood hard while she pushes her toes into my mouth, making me taste and lick her amazing feet.

Beautiful Selena teasing with her amazing feet

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My girlfriend, Selena enjoys walking barefoot in high heels and then having me service her hot bare feet with a mouth massage.

Often she will have me lay under the glass table at her place and gaze at her amazingly soft soles before I am allowed to begin, just to tease and tantalize me. Her bare feet leave footprints on the glass top and she has me tongue clean the glass while she watches and giggles at my excited state of arousal.

“How bad do you want my feet?” she will ask in a superior way.

I have to beg over and over, just for the opportunity to make love to her beautiful feet.

“I may just have to ban you from my feet for a week or even more.”

“Please, Selena, please don’t do that,” I beg with no shame. “I really enjoy making out with your feet, they are so soft and pretty, and I love the smell and taste of them.”

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