Ida-Tall brunette with big soles

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She loves to command and to act like a goddess who is worshiped by her obedient servants. Yes, I am talking about Ida, the tall, brunette girl that you are looking at right now. You can imagine the way she is acting when she wants her big feet to be cleaned…She just looks at me and I am down on my knees, taking her feet into my hands. Her big, meaty soles are so appealing and they are smelling sweet and tasty. She orders me to lick her soles and I feel the rough skin when my tongue is sliding along her feet. She is looking down at me, and, from time to time, she pushes me down on the floor, pressing her feet on my face, making me horny and wanting even more of her mistress attitude.

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Ida-Tall brunette with big meaty soles

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Ida is a real goddess who doesn’t accept no for an answer. She is so imposing sitting there on the armchair as a queen sitting on her royal throne. Very confident and sexy, wearing stretched long jeans and flowery high heels, she orders me to take off her shoes and to give her a foot massage, knowing that she is going to feel better this way. I obey and I take her feet into my hands, not resisting and starting to smell her shoes, touching them gently and then, encouraged by her smile I start to lick the sexy heels. Having enough of her shoes, horny and wanting more, I move to the next level, taking her high heels off and kissing her big meaty soles. It feels absolutely amazing!