Sexy girl showing her long feet in black nylons

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Liana is into having you smell her feet. She will press the arch of her foot into your face, rubbing her black nylons on your nose, leaving the musty scent of her foot sweat all over your face and nose. After that, you will have to deep throat her long toes in order to service her pretty pink toes. Afterwards she will sit on her stool and have you kneel on the floor and worship her soles. You will have to suck the stink out of her black nylons and repeatedly stick your nose between her big toe so that she can squeeze your nose with her big powerful toes, while she looks down at you with her beautiful blue eyes and sneers at your submissive foot fetish.

Leslie-Hot new model teasing with her bare feet

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After wearing her fur lined boots, Miss Leslie’s feet are nice and warm with her succulent scent, and her wish is to have you tongue bathe her soles and clean between her toes. Afterwards, she will have you give her feet a mouth massage, where she will push her perfect toes into your waiting mouth as you kneel on the floor, at her beck and call.
She knows full well that you will do whatever she wants, as she teases in her white shirt, showing off her nice breasts and athletic body encased in tight fitting jeans. “Suck them, slave,” she commands with authority, pointing at her toes.

Erika-Beautiful blonde in sheer tan pantyhose

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Erika will tease and torment you with her sexy, shiny black platform high heels as you lay on the floor gazing at her beauty!
Her highly arched feet are clearly visible, even with her heels on, and the beautiful heels accentuate her lovely nylon feet, her toes are encased in reinforced pantyhose.
You will long for the scent of her feet, mixed with the leather and nylons, warm and pungent, awaiting your mouth and tongue for a massage. This adorable blonde deserves all of your attention to her tired feet!

Sexy Nina in black pantyhose

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Nina grinned as she laid comfortably on her white leather couch. I entered the room naked, crawling on my hands and knees, with my girlfriend tugging on my collar and leash.
Nina rolled back in the couch and roared with laughter. “So this is your foot slave boyfriend!”
“I am going to have a ball with him.”
“Place him here on the carpet”, she said as she pointed.
My naked member jutted out and throbbed at the sight of her shapely legs encased in black nylons. I was throbbing & dripping on the floor. I was told by Nina that I was to look only at her feet.
My girlfriend said, “Kneel before her with your hands at your side, knees and feet together and toes pointed. If you move your hands, I will let Miss Nina punish you with this.” She displayed a small flogger from her purse, that she had made me buy her at the adult store. It did not hurt real bad, but the just the idea of being whipped by another woman was very humiliating.
Nina proceeded to rub the head of my member with her nylon toes until I would start to spasm, then she would cruelly stop, allowing no relief. She did this numerous times, and both women were roaring with laughter at my member, which was standing straight up and throbbing uncontrollably. I had to watch her sexy black nylon foot tease and deny me over and over. She would bring me to the brink and then stop and put her foot to my face for kisses until I calmed down a bit. Then Miss Nina would twirl her foot around as I watched, kneeling naked and vulnerable before her, and then flex and arch her foot. Often she presented her soles to my face for kisses and adoration, but moved them out of reach, so that I might fall out of my kneeling position and be punished.
Nina inquired about how long it had been since I had any release and my girlfriend said, “Several days…..I make him beg me for permission.” They laughed.
At that point I felt compelled to beg, “May I pp–please be allowed to…..”
“NO you may NOT!,” said my girlfriend, brandishing the small whip.
Nina laughed and twirled her foot, moving it away from my throbbing member, which was oozing.
She waited a bit and then used the lubrication to further stimulate and arouse me by rubbing me with her black nylon toes.
I didn’t know how much longer I could be stimulated, teased and then denied before I would accidentally release without their permission, and they were going to make me do that so they could punish me and laugh at my predicament.

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Hot Alexis teasing with her wide soles

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Sitting on the couch, my girlfriend Miss Alexis, teasingly dangled her black suede high heel; somewhat exposing the high arches of her feet.

“I want you over here at my feet,” she commanded, as she pointed to the floor. Obediently, I crawled to her. I never knew that my foot fetish could be used to make me so subservient.

“May I please be allowed to suck your feet, Miss Alexis, “I begged as I knelt before her.

“I really, really am addicted to the smell and taste of your sexy feet,” I admitted breathlessly. I could not believe that I had just revealed one of the secrets of my foot fetish to her. I felt as if a burden had been lifted from my shoulders, yet I was very embarrassed and felt very submissive. I could feel my heart race and my face blush.

“Yes, you may,”, she said in a superior way, as she extended her one heel outward towards me. I slowly slid off the expensive high heels I had just purchased for her recently, obviously pleased at my desire to taste and smell the warmth of her delicious feet, especially after she had been wearing them for some time.

I could tell that she enjoyed having me pay attention to her, and she definitely had a confident attitude, as I adored her bare feet and toes.

“I am going to send you to a friend of mine at Mistress Erika is a dominant bitch, and she is going to further enhance your foot fetish and make you even more of a gentlemen for us women to enjoy.” She tossed her lovely mane of golden blonde hair and looked downward at me.

“I feel as if you need more training, and I will allow her to punish you as she sees fit.”

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Beautiful Noelle barefoot

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“I see you brought your credit card,” Noelle said, “kneel down here,” as she pointed to the floor.

“You will subscribe to because once a day you are going to gaze at photos of my sexy body and my royal feet and work yourself into a state of arousal, but you will be denied any relief. I am the foot queen here and I will decide when and where you will be allowed any release.”

“Your week of service to me will consist of pampering my feet in readiness for my next photo shoot. Alexis and I have decided that we will use your foot fetish to take complete advantage of you and make you into our total foot slave.”

“Now kiss my bare foot and thank me for allowing you to serve me.” With that command she pulled out a slave collar and fastened it and a leash to my neck.

She then pulled my leash close to her face, and intently stared at me with her beautiful eyes, as she caressed a small cat ‘o nine tail whip. “This will be used to flog your bare butt, just like Miss Alexis warned you.

“Now SUCK my toes and do it right!”

“Please don’t whip me!” I begged. “I’ll do whatever you say! Please!”

“Whippings will be a daily occurrence,” she said, pulling my leash even harder, “and I LIKE hearing you beg. It makes me wet.”

Now get out your credit card because you are going to register for a membership with ,” she said, brandishing the whip and fondling the soft leather tails, as she smiled at my complete subservience.

“I am going to enjoy teaching you how to be a complete foot slave for me AND Alexis,” she said haughtily, flipping her hair back with confidence.

“As a matter of fact,” she said with her big sexy eyes looking down directly at me, “…you are joining her site as well, so click on and then you can beg me not to whip you too hard.”

“May I p…p…please be allowed to adore your feet after I join those sites, Noelle?” I begged, my face burning with shame and complete infatuation. I was already completely passionate about her and her fascinating feet and I had just met her moments ago.

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Amazing Nathalie in sexy red dress

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“Get over here NOW!” the dominant Nathalie said as she crossed her legs in her short, slinky red dress.

“Kneel down, I want you to show me how much you adore me. I’ve been walking around all day in these heels you bought me and my feet are killing me.”

“First bury your nose in my nylons and sniff!” She pushed the back of my head into her foot and pushed my nose into her warm moist soles.

“Now I want you to suck ALL of the stink out of my nylons.”

“If you’re a good boy, I may even let you kiss the black bow on the back of my skirt, and then I’m gonna relax and watch TV while you kiss my butt,” she said in a disdainful way.

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Judita sheer pantyhose tease

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Cute Judita teasing you in sheer tights.

leggings feet

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Salma – Hot brunette in tan pantyhose

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Salma moved her tan peep toe pump and dangled it from her foot until it hung right in front of my face. “Now I want you to kiss it!”

I strained my neck forward to kiss her foot. When I got close she pulled it forward a little more, tauntingly keeping it just out of reach. The harder I tried, the quicker she moved it away, until I actually began to hear myself whimper a little bit.

“Awww…” Salma said tauntingly “What are you going to do if I won’t let you kiss my little foot?”

Salma put her foot down and sat up on the end of the couch. “I tell you what…maybe if you BEG me to let you kiss my foot…”

I moved quickly. In an instant I was on my knees in front of her, head down, my eyes transfixed on her two beautiful feet perched side by side. I was willing to do whatever it took to get my lips on them. Her French pedicured toes looked like gems in her tan pantyhose and I could smell her foot scent, mixed with the leather from her pumps.

“P-p-p-lease don’t tell anyone…” I managed to say.

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Hot Danna in nude pantyhose

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I loved licking Danna’s pretty feet, but she would wipe her feet off on my face to further humiliate me and the musty scent would remain there for hours. It was a reminder of who was in charge.
As I looked up at her, she haughtily pointed to her foot and said “Kiss it.” I did and ended up using my tongue to clean the dust off the bottom of her soles, while she arched her foot before my face and made me beg for additional foot kisses by pulling her foot just out of range.
“Use your mouth to make my feet warm,” she would command. Then she would plunge as much of her stocking clad foot into my mouth and laugh at my submissiveness. “Yeth Danna,” I said with a mouth full of foot, as I looked into her eyes in a total act of humiliation.
She howled with laughter at my plight and obvious excitement. I was blushing and my face was hot with embarrassment, but I would do anything she wanted just to kiss her foot, and she knew that.

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