Agathe – Hot brunette rubbing her big soles

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I had to take yoga class with Miss Agathe and several other women, and the whole time I was positioned behind Miss Agathe. I could not help gazing at the sexy balls of her size 9 feet when she was working out on her stomach on the mat. Several times during the class I noticed her looking sternly at me, as I had been sneaking peeks at other women in the class. I could not help but look, as they all had attractive feet and nice bodies.
When we got back to her apartment, she sat down and pointed to a spot on the floor just below her bed.
I knelt down, untied her gym shoes and removed her socks. I knew what to do.
“This should cure your little FOOT fetish. SUCK all the sweat from my feet! And IF I ever catch you looking at other women’s feet again I will paddle you even HARDER than I will tonight.”
I gulped and licked up every trace of perspiration from her hot, stinky, salty warm bare feet. Little did she know that I loved every minute of that and I was enjoying the taste, scent and smell of her warm bare feet.
Soon it showed that I was enjoying the moment when an erection sprang from my gym shorts.
Miss Agathe commanded, “Fetch the flyswatter.”
I did and knelt once again before her tall figure. I felt quite belittled by the mere presence of her tall, muscular figure, shapely body and legs, but most of all I adored her feet.
“Pull down those shorts, I wanna see your manhood, the one that makes you stare at women’s feet.”
I did, and she delivered several smacks with the flyswatter to the mushroom head of my throbbing hard-on, resulting in it becoming more swollen and purple in color.
“From now on, you are MY foot slave, and you will do whatever I say, or I will tell ALL of the women that you know at yoga class about you foot fetish. Is that understood?”
I nodded in total disbelief, but I remembered to say, “Yes ma’am,” as I saw her playing with the flyswatter out of the corner of my eye, waiting for an opportunity to use it once again.

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Hot Agathe taking off her nylon socks

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“So YOU are the little foot slut all my girlfriends told me about, huh?”

“Yes ma’am, Miss Agathe, ” I said softly and submissively looking down at her feet as I knelt before her.

“Begin by planting a sweet little kiss on my ass, and hold your lips there until I say to stop,” she commanded, as she pointed to the spot I was to kiss.

I gazed at the perfect curves off her butt cheeks, highlighted by the black skin tight leggings she wore.

“Okay, now crawl to the corner and kneel until I say.” She flickered a small leather riding crop from her throne on the bed.

While I was there she reclined on the bed and relaxed. I knelt for quite a long time, facing the corner until my knees were sore and I was quivering a bit from an anticipated punishment from this strict foot mistress.

“Crawl to the foot of the bed and SUCK my toes.” She was lounging on her stomach, reading a book, and the pretty profile of her face and curly dark hair was stunning.

I could not believe that I was actually allowed to suck the toes of this foot princess. As I did I gazed at her long slender soles, whose soft flesh shimmered in the light of the room. I could see the soft skin of her slender heel, and the black strap of her leggings just below and tucked into her arch.

Suddenly, she sat up on the bed and tucked on leg over the other, raising her one foot above my head as I knelt at the foot of the bed. Her long toes were so sexy and perfect. She dangled her foot just out of my reach. I could not keep my eyes off her bare foot. She laughed, amused at my hypnotic gaze and continued to move her foot close to my face, but just out of reach of my mouth.

“Please Miss Agathe, may I ….”

She knowingly threw a bottle of skin oil and ordered me to pay homage to her bare feet and relieve my aching member as she watched, giggled, and foot teased me to the ultimate finale.

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Sexy Blonde take off her white socks

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Miss Nathalie sat down in the green chair and looked at me and pointed at her socks. “Take them off with only your teeth and lick all the warm moisture off my soles.”

Her socks clung to the arches and balls of her size 9 feet, highlighting the high arches and curves of her feet. I started licking and was almost done with the second foot, when she prodded my mouth open with her long toes and pushed her foot into my mouth.

“Wash them clean and polish my soles with your tongue!,” the blonde foot goddess said with a haughty attitude.

I obeyed, only to be admonished with a soft slap to my face with her hand.

“I want you to clean between my toes!” She gave me a condescending look and pointed at some dust which was mixed with some glitter from walking barefoot on the floor.

“I SAID lick them CLEAN, SLAVE!.”

I re-doubled my efforts, as she reached for the whip that Miss Noelle had left with her to keep me in line.

She looked as if she was going to enjoy punishing me, and had a slight sneer on her sexy lips, which told me she was quite dominant and might even brag to her girlfriends on making me submit to her feet.

“Look at my feet, while you clean them, SLAVE!”

I quivered at the thought of a punishment from this strong, domineering blonde. I knew that she would make my bare butt hurt with her superior attitude.


I knew that it would not be long before she decided to enhance my submissiveness to her and her sexy feet with the whip nearby.

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