Alexis kicking off her sandals

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sexy sandals

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Hot blonde with sexy wrinkled soles

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Sexy Alexis takes a break and lays barefoot on the bed playing with her phone. She knows she’s a tease so she rubs those sexy feet for your viewing pleasure!

sexy wrinkled soles

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Alexis – Blonde girl takes off her nylon socks

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One Saturday morning after coming in exhausted from being ordered to rake the leaves, Alexis told me to come in the bedroom and kneel down. She told me from now on I was to suck her nylon toes when she returned home from work every evening. Then she shoved her panty hosed toes in my mouth and made me suck them clean while I knelt naked before her bed and gazed into her eyes submissively. She had a haughty look about her and she laughed at my hard-on and said, “Taste good?,” tucking her beautiful blonde hair behind her one ear and giggling.
Her warm, hot feet were quite pungent and the taste was a bit bitter, but the humiliation of being lorded over by this strict mistress was quite intoxicating. I would do anything to kiss and lick her feet and she knew that and held that over me.
She inserted her foot into my mouth as far as she could, tucking her beautiful blonde hair behind her one ear and laughed at me in a teasing, provocative way.
“Warm my feet with your big mouth until I say to stop.”
Alexis proceeded to take a nice nap on the bed while using my mouth as her foot warmer. At some point she slid her other foot towards my waiting mouth and I blew hot, warm air on that one as well.
She then allowed me to slip off her nylons and suck and lick every portion of her beautiful bare feet and suck her toes.She even rolled over on her stomach so that I had full access to the soles of her feet, and a wonderful view off her tight jeans which showed off her beautiful butt in a provocative way. She wore a nice peach colored top with no bra and I stole peeks at her perky nipples poking through. Her breasts were nice and full and would jiggle when she moved.
“Well, I am going to call Noelle and get a report on how your week of training went with her.”
“If I do not receive a good report from her I may punish you.” I could only hope that Miss Noelle would not tell about me getting caught sniffing her dirty panties in the bathroom and how she made me hand wash ALL of her panties the entire week, because I knew Alexis would delight in making me do that. She already has me hand wash her used pantyhose and hand them up in the bathroom to dry. Alexis is my foot queen and I love being her foot slave.

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Hot Alexis teasing with her wide soles

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Sitting on the couch, my girlfriend Miss Alexis, teasingly dangled her black suede high heel; somewhat exposing the high arches of her feet.

“I want you over here at my feet,” she commanded, as she pointed to the floor. Obediently, I crawled to her. I never knew that my foot fetish could be used to make me so subservient.

“May I please be allowed to suck your feet, Miss Alexis, “I begged as I knelt before her.

“I really, really am addicted to the smell and taste of your sexy feet,” I admitted breathlessly. I could not believe that I had just revealed one of the secrets of my foot fetish to her. I felt as if a burden had been lifted from my shoulders, yet I was very embarrassed and felt very submissive. I could feel my heart race and my face blush.

“Yes, you may,”, she said in a superior way, as she extended her one heel outward towards me. I slowly slid off the expensive high heels I had just purchased for her recently, obviously pleased at my desire to taste and smell the warmth of her delicious feet, especially after she had been wearing them for some time.

I could tell that she enjoyed having me pay attention to her, and she definitely had a confident attitude, as I adored her bare feet and toes.

“I am going to send you to a friend of mine at Mistress Erika is a dominant bitch, and she is going to further enhance your foot fetish and make you even more of a gentlemen for us women to enjoy.” She tossed her lovely mane of golden blonde hair and looked downward at me.

“I feel as if you need more training, and I will allow her to punish you as she sees fit.”

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Beautiful Alexis barefoot on the bed

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We were having a conversation when Alexis complained that her feet were cold. She was wearing ankle-length black boots and blue jeans. I stoked the fire up and returned to her presence on the couch, knelt down before her & asked if she would like a glass of wine.

I got her a glass and shortly thereafter, she again stated that her feet were still cold. I suggested that maybe if I removed her boots and massaged her feet it might help. She allowed me to do that. She said it was enjoyable, but her feet still felt like a block of ice. I suggested that maybe I could blow warm air on her feet and she let me remove her black socks. I was blowing warm air on her toes and soles and I looked up and asked if I may be allowed to suck her toes and she said yes. I inserted as much of her foot into my mouth as possible and got them nice and warm.

She suggested that we go to her bedroom to continue, whereupon she sat in a chair and told me to kneel down. I begged her to let me suck her toes some more.

She sat right in front of me on the bed. I was practically drooling with the view of her highly arched bare feet, sexy soles and toes. She dangled and teased me with her one foot just out of reach of my head, as I knelt on the floor.

“You like that?” she asked, moving her foot above my head, as she watched my eyes follow.

“Yes,” came my immediate reply.

“Want to lick it slave?” she teased.

“Yes,” I once again said with enthusiasm.

“Beg me,” she ordered.

“Please, please, please let me lick you,” I begged without shame.

“Well, I don’t know,” she teased, “If I give you this treat, what will do for me?”

“Anything,” came my instant reply, and I knew it was true.

“OK, slave, stick your tongue out, but don’t you dare lick until I say so,” she ordered. I instantly stuck my tongue out. I held her foot a couple of inches from my face. She looked so dominant there with her foot arched out towards my waiting tongue. She had me just where she wanted.

I began to drool, and my erection tented out in my pants. Alexis then allowed me to lick her feet and suck her toes with enthusiasm, rubbing my saliva all over my face so that my face would smell like her feet for the rest of the day. I loved that!

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Alexis – red toenails on bed

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red toenails on bed

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Alexis in sexy tan nylons

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Alexis show her sexy feet with tan silky smooth nylons

sexy tan nylons

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Alexis teasing with her soles and pink toenails

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Miss Alexis just got a pedicure and invited you over. She’s allowing you one kiss on the top of her foot and one more on the soft, silky soles. She has an offer for you: take her out for drinks, dinner and dancing and she may allow you to suck her toes and lick her hot, warm feet later. And you’ll even be allowed to kiss her butt this time, but she’s not taking off her pants, it’s only been a month since you met her. How far will she let you go? She is irresistible….and such a cruel tease!!!

pink toenails

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Beautiful Alexis in tan RHT nylons

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Alexis dangled her white high heel with confidence as she spoke to me on my knees, “I have decided to lend you out to my friend, whom you will address as Noelle, for about one week, maybe longer. During that time you will obey her and do all that she asks of you. She may reward you by allowing you to suck her feet and toes.”

“If for any reason she decides to punish you, she has my full permission to do so at her discretion, and if I do not receive a good report from her I may punish you further.”

With that, Alexis removed her high heel and placed it before my nose. “Sniff,’ she commanded. I sniffed deeply, inhaling the pungent aroma of her leather heels, mixed with the intoxicating scent of warm, moist nylons and her perfume. I attempted to gaze up her short pink skirt to catch a glimpse of her panties.

I was soon repelled by a hard, sharp slap to my face. “You need to be trained by Noelle! Keep your head below my knees and stare at my feet.”

She dangled her sexy white pump on her toes for several minutes as I watched, mesmerized. “Oh, there’s some dirt on the spike of my heel,” she said as she inspected it, acting surprised and amused. It was so sexy and coy the way she presented her spiked heel to my mouth.

“Lick it OFF NOW!” Alexis had always been somewhat dominant, but I had never seen her be this demanding of me, but I was enjoying being told to worship her feet and heels.

Soon she flexed her nylon encased foot before my face, arched her foot and wrinkled the soles of her silky feet, as she rubbed her foot scent all over my face and mouth.


She inserted her foot into my mouth as far as she could, tucking her beautiful blonde hair behind her one ear and laughed at me in a teasing, provocative way.

“Warm my feet with your big mouth until I say to stop, or I will whip you hard!”

With that command, she proceeded to take a nice nap on the couch while using my mouth as her foot warmer. I knelt and obeyed, even though it hurt kneel to kneel and stay in that position for quite some time.

I felt humiliated but I was excited and aroused at the way she had just treated me and dominated me with her feet. I could not wait to meet Noelle.

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