Hot brunette with big sexy soles

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I was mesmerized as she coyly seduced me with her high arches and long, sexy toes. Flexing her feet and then curling them up on the leather seat, so I could admire her buttocks, she seductively slid back to relax as I knelt at attention before Princess Carla, awaiting her command.

Slowly she raised her feet above my head, teasingly just out of reach, so that I had to strain to adore them. Then she flipped her long black hair back with her hands and gave me that superior look.

“Suck my toes and lick slowly from my heels to my toes. And I want you to gently bite my heels, like I have trained you to do,” said Princess Carla in her haughty, domineering way, as she displayed her one foot before my face. I gazed at her long, curved arches and almost drooled at the thought of actually being allowed to be near her royal feet. Not many servants in the palace got to even go into her chambers and here I was, her personal servant, a position many would love to have.

I reached over, picked her sexy size 9 foot up in my trembling hands, as I was so excited by her superior ways. I obediently moved my tongue along the bottoms of her soft, feminine soles, tracing the creases and wrinkles, slowing licking the warm scents and taste. I used my mouth to soften the callouses and dry areas of her soles, as she relaxed and seductively gazed at my efforts.

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