Beautiful Krista teasing with her pink pedicure

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Krista has been walking around on a hot, humid day with her beautiful high heels. Now she has laid back on her leather couch and slipped them off her bare feet for you to give her a mouth massage. You are expected to slowly lick every area of her soles slowly, sucking the sweat from her soft heels. Then she expects a nice tongue massage between her hot, moist toes. She will watch, amused at your dedication and periodically squeeze your tongue between her powerful toes. Afterwards, she will poke her toes into your waiting mouth, tossing her beautiful dark hair backwards with insolence, knowing your are now her little pet.

I crave the scent of her warm, pungent feet and she loves rubbing her feet all over my face. She poses her feet just out of reach of my face and then spreads those long pedicured blue toes of hers apart, arching her soles.

The beautiful sight of her high arches, nice wide soles and long toes makes me beg her to lick and smell her feet even more.

After awhile she uses one foot on top of my head to hold me in place as she thrust all five toes into my mouth.

“Suck them slowly and wash between my toes,” she said flippantly. She knows I will do anything for her, and she likes to have her feet adored in this way.

Due to the close proximity to Krista’s sexy feet and the and the humiliation of it all, I had a woody poking out of my crotch and my face was red. She made me give her my wallet and she took all of my money out and told me that was what it costs for a date with her feet. Then she laughed at my humiliation. I was so hard I could barely walk.

She also later told all her girlfriends about me sucking her toes and now they all tease me and use me as a foot slave and make me pay to adore their beautiful bare feet.

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