Beautiful brunette with shiny red toenails

The beautiful Alana was the kind of brunette I always craved for, petite, curvy and naturally sexy from head to toe! Looking deep into my eyes she captivated me with her shiny red stiletto heels, dangling them before my eyes – reading my mind, knowing that I’d be hooked to her delicious feet. Immediately realising my lustful glances of foot fetish desire, she slips off her shiny red heels, displaying the most perfectly proportioned tapered succulent toes! With toenails perfectly pedicured and shining like emeralds my eyes go into a trance of desire to suck Alana’s toes one by one! She acknowledges with a cheeky smile that translated “You are my foot slave!” but words were not needed!
Alana then displays her beautiful smooth soles, with the most sexiest toe pads revealing their strength and elegance that made me melt below her feet.

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