Cute Amy with white socks

Amy has just came home from a friend. I told her that I love her outfit: jeans and a black sexy undershirt. I find it very appealing, but most of all I am anxious to touch her feet. I am sure her soles have a great taste, especially after taking off her white sneakers. A pair of perfectly white socks are exposed in front of me and Amy wants me to give her a gentle massage, feeling her soles through the fine texture of the half-hose. After rubbing her soles, I take off her socks, feeling the warmth of her skin. I am getting more and more excited and Amy can easily see that I need a little help. Thatâ??s why she asks me to take off my pants in order for her o touch my hardened cock with her meaty feet. I am so grateful for such an amazing foot job she offered me.

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