Cute girl Cami with sexy sandals

Cami is a sweetie! A common friend introduced her to me, telling her that I love shoes and that I am an excellent foot massager. This brunette young girl has everything in the right place, her body looking just perfect. Tall and slender, she works as a model for bras, bikinis, and swimsuits.
Although she is very cute, a darling, she is very sexy when she wants her to be. Her jeans look perfect on her hips, her perfect behind and on her long legs that seem to be lengthy. Cami loves sandals on summer, and now she is wearing navy inspired flip flops, with an interesting anchor attachment on them. She is almost barefoot with these sandals on. Her black polished toenails, her perfect toes and her soles can be easily be admired.
She takes off her sandals in order for me to massage her feet and I start to rub first gently and harder. I love how her rough soles feel, her perfectly shaped toes are spreading into my hands. Iâ??m playing with her feet and she giggles watching me getting so excited. I ask her if I could kiss her soles and she is more and more interested, letting me even such her beautiful toes. She tells me that she is open to find out more about my passion for feet. I tell her that next time I am going to teach her to give me a massage with her feet. â??I canâ??t wait for the next time!â? she says and she puts her feet into my lap. â?Teach me how to make you happy!â? I thought she was a shy young girl but she is bolder than I have considered her.
I use my hands and I put her soles around my crotch, moving her feet up and down, slow and then faster. She is so interested watching every move that I make and it is even more exciting. I try to lengthen the moment but Iâ??m so excited and with her feetâ??s help, I cum.

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