Carola drives you crazy with her big hot feet

Carola had been walking around her place in socks that are so tight that they clung to all of the curves of her highly arched feet, which were hot and moist from having just slipped off her sneakers.
I had been pleading with her to slip off her socks so that I could kiss her bare feet, but she told me to finish the chores she gave me to do, like cleaning the floors and vacuuming.
“My socks are dirty, so that means you have to do a better job on the floors, after all, you wouldn’t want my bare feet to get dirty WOULD you? You KNOW I would have you clean my feet with only your tongue, maybe EVEN while my girlfriend comes over to watch so she can have a good laugh!,” she said as she picked up her socked foot and examined the dirt stains on the soles.
I almost felt dizzy as she arched her foot, and then coyly pointed her size 8.5 feet at the mop bucket. “Get to work, NOW!”
I had been gazing intently at her cute feet, still encased in socks.
â??Business before pleasure,” she teased in that seductive way that she knows makes me so highly aroused that I can barely even concentrate.
â??After you are done working, I may even let you sniff my bare toes and suck them, for a little while, so you better do a good job for your rewards,â? she said laughing, “I know you can’t WAIT to taste my feet, can you?”

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