Hot Danna in nude pantyhose

I loved licking Dannaâ??s pretty feet, but she would wipe her feet off on my face to further humiliate me and the musty scent would remain there for hours. It was a reminder of who was in charge.
As I looked up at her, she haughtily pointed to her foot and said â??Kiss it.â? I did and ended up using my tongue to clean the dust off the bottom of her soles, while she arched her foot before my face and made me beg for additional foot kisses by pulling her foot just out of range.
â??Use your mouth to make my feet warm,â? she would command. Then she would plunge as much of her stocking clad foot into my mouth and laugh at my submissiveness. â??Yeth Danna,â? I said with a mouth full of foot, as I looked into her eyes in a total act of humiliation.
She howled with laughter at my plight and obvious excitement. I was blushing and my face was hot with embarrassment, but I would do anything she wanted just to kiss her foot, and she knew that.

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