Sexy Diane teasing with her blue polished toenails

Diane polishes her toenails twice a week. She changes color just to make me happy and interested in her beautiful toes. Now, her toenails are polished in an electric blue and Iâ??m so attracted to her toes. She wears sexy black tights and I see as very sexy her blue sandals. She is so powerful and sensual sitting on the sofa, watching me getting excited.
Iâ??m so anxious to smell her sandals and when she takes them off I start to sniff them, feeling the warm scent of Dianeâ??s hot toes. I canâ??t help myself and I lick the soleâ?¦ it gives me vibes. Diane puts her feet on the table spreading her long meaty toes. I kneel and I stick my tongue between her toes. Itâ?? a pleasure that I canâ??t describe. I start licking her big wrinkled sexy soles and then I suck her toesâ?¦just delightful!

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