Tall girl with black toenail polish

So sexy and sylph, Ellie has got the most beautiful legs I have ever seen. Her legs are so long, slender and fine, and thatâ??s the main reason for me to worship her and to accomplish any of her needs. Now, Ellie is wearing a short, very sexy black dress, her boobies and her legs being perfectly highlighted. She is not wearing any pantyhose but some appealing black high heels sandals. Her smooth skin is glowing and her feet are even sexier on those black stripes sandals. I am anxious to smell her soles and thatâ??s why she is offering me her legs in order to help her take off her shoes. I am so obedient and I kneel in front of her, putting her feet onto my lap, feeling so excited and horny. I know that she is going to make me clean her soles and I canâ??t wait to suck her perfect black polished toenails.

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