Sexy Emily teasing with her sexy smooth soles

Emily was the next female to have her way with me at the bachelorette party. The theme they had chosen for the party was to have a naked male slave-boy.

She sat on the ottoman, clutching my leash and made me remove her sandals with only my mouth and lick her sweet, smooth soles until she gave the next command.

â??I want my heels licked clean, as there appears to be a bit of a dirt stain,â? she said condescendingly as she pulled on the leash attached to the collar fastened around my neck, drawing me closer. I obediently crawled a bit closer on my hand and knees, completely naked.

I slavishly licked and sucked the dirt off her heel, until she crossed her leg on the ottoman and presented her other foot to my waiting face.

â??Next,â? she commanded, tugging slightly on the leash to draw my face to her foot.

â??Begin,â? she said haughtily, smirking at my obvious aroused state.

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