Dominant brunette with sexy big soles and red toenails

I am such a wimp around foot teasers and Gloria knew she â??ownedâ? me from the moment she caught me gazing at her pretty size 9 feet. Gloria would have me come over to the room she was renting, pick up her laundry weekly and wash and dry it and deliver it back to her. Gloria was a quite a messy person as well and made me come over and clean her room just for the opportunity to smell, lick and kiss her feet.
She would often have me kneel naked in the corner with my ankles and wrists tied while she sat on the leather couch and teased me terribly, flaunting her brown suede sandals before my eyes. After quite awhile, I would do anything to please the dominant lady and she would release me and allow me to pleasure her naked feet with my tongue.

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