Sexy Isis showing her wrinkled soles

I am a female foot slut with a submissive foot fetish. When I was at the gym I saw this girl named Miss Isis, who is a personal trainer at the gym walking around barefoot. She teaches my yoga class and her feet get slightly dirty. I thought that she had really pretty feet with her toes painted with a dark, dominant looking nail polish. But later on that day I saw her walking thru the hallways and when I looked down at her feet I noticed that the bottoms of her feet were so dirty they were completely dark, dark and pitch-black with foot dirt and for some reason my head started to spin. Then I realized why…….I found the dirty bare soles of her feet so beautiful that I was falling in love with them. I couldn’t believe I was actually in love with the dirty soles of another women’s feet and all I wanted to do was lick the beautiful dark, dirty black bare soles of her bare feet in front of everyone at the gym. Well a few minutes later I saw Miss Isis sitting on a bench in the middle of the ladies locker room with her feet propped up. So I walked up and knelt down in front of her and looked her in the eyes. Then in front of everyone in the locker room I stuck out my tongue and started licking her dirty soles as I said out loud “Oh, Miss Isis I’m hopelessly in love with your beautiful dark, dirty soles of your feet, PLEASE let me clean them with my tongue…! ” I kept licking the dirt from the beautiful soles of her feet. And even though all the women in the locker room were watching me by now that foot goddess Isis just sat there quietly smiling at me and let me finish licking all of the dirt from the bottoms of her bare feet until they were completely clean which took me almost 20 minutes. I had never been so in love in my life and soon after that Miss Isis gave me the dirty bare soles of her feet for me to lick everyday in the ladies locker room and now she brings me home after her workout and has me remove her boots and clean her sexy bare feet.
I pay her to be my personal trainer at the gym now, and she is really hard on me, since I am her slave. I know every crevice and wrinkle of her sexy soles and she uses me to her advantage. I am her total foot slut slave, and she has me wear extra slutty and revealing clothes.

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