Sexy Joy showing her dirty soles

Relaxing afternoon, Joy is sitting on the balcony dressed casual in jeans and an easy blue shirt that allows me to see her big, round tits. Her barefoot are also relaxing on the small wooden table, her legs dressed in tight sexy jeans are outstretched and I can watch Joy showing me all her beauties.
We are just having an easy conversation and I canĂ¢??t keep my eyes from her dirty soles. First I am touching her feet with my fingers, talking nonsense because I am already aroused imagining myself cleaning her wrinkled soles with my eager wet tongue.
Joy feels that I am anxious and she rubs her barefoot on my body encouraging me to kiss her unbelievable sexy soles. Rolling on the chair, she lets me see her round shaped ass and she offers me her hills to clean them. She cuddles as I lick her soles and she wants me to suck her every cute toe in order not to miss a spot of her dirty barefoot. Such an exciting, knockout experience!

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