Hot Lea in sheer grey nylons

Lea is only 21, but she knows how attracted I was to her size 7.5 foot. My resolve was tested by Lea. I had been made to watch her put on make-up, then I was made to crawl to the great room and watch her slip on pantyhose as she sat on her blue leather couch. “Kneel and keep your hands at your sides or I’ll whip you hard!” .
She then proceeded to rub my mushroom head with her nylon clad toes until my eyes must have rolled back into my head. Of course, I was NOT allowed to cum without LeaĆ¢??s permission. She brought me to the brink several times with her powerful toes, using the pre-cum to titillate me even more. She made me beg her to be allowed to cum. She laughed at my predicament and made fun of me. I was quivering naked in her presence, afraid to disobey. She made me watch as she pulled the reinforced seam through the now purple slit in my penis head slowly. Her foot was so powerful and I was totally belittled and obedient to her sadistic whims.
She did eventually allow me to cum on her nylon foot, which she promptly slipped into her shoe and she then told me I would clean her foot off when she returned from the market.

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