Sexy Lea teasing with her shaped soles

I just love when Lea is relaxed, sitting on the couch, watching TV talk shows. Dressed casual, comfortable in sleeveless shirt and tight jeans, she enjoys herself but she enjoys me also because I watch her while she is playing with her feet, rubbing each other, touching her soft soles with the meaty toes.
As she watches TV, I kneel near her legs and I begin to sniff the sweet odor of her skin. She smiles and encourages me to go further. I suck her sweet big meaty toe and she giggles with pleasure. My tongue is all over her soft soles and I start nibbling her heels. Iâ??m so excited and she feels my trousered cock when I put her feet on my lap. Iâ??m hard and aroused and she rubs her soles on my pants wanting to feel more of me. Lea orders me to take my pants off and she spreads her toes touching my meat until I start pumping hot cum out.

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