Tall brunette showing her big wide soles

â??I think I deserve to have my bare feet kissed while you beg me to get a peek at my panties,â? said Lily as she crossed her legs and presented her sexy bare foot to my face. Her short, short dress failed to reveal even a glimpse of her panties as she made that move.

â??There is some dirt on my feet.â? As she said this she lifted them up to look at the bottom of her soft soles and then stuck them out as if to show me. They were dirty on the bottom. There was an accumulation of dirt on the balls of her foot and a little bit on the heels. â??I think that you should show me how much you adore me. I want you to use your tongue to lick my feet clean,â? she said as she confidently flipped her pretty hair back with her hand.

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