Beautiful brunette Martina with wrinkled soles

â??I want you to worship me! Kneel and kiss my gorgeous feet!â? She said looking at me, high and mighty like a real goddess.
Hot like fire is Martina dressed in her red sexy dress, and with her astonishing red sandals. Brunette, with perfect curves and sexy hot red lips, she can say anything to me and Iâ??m at her feet. But what feet! I canâ??t stop looking at those red stiletto sandals with sexy straps around the fine ankles. As she ordered me to stay at her feet, continuously kissing her feet and toes, I have to keep my nose on her feet, and I smell the odor of her refined shoes, combined with the flavor of the sexy wrinkled soles.
â??You pay attention to my toes! I want them perfectly clean!â? I am even more aroused hearing another command because my impulsion is to keep my mouth full of her great sweet sweaty soles.

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