Beautiful Noelle barefoot

“I see you brought your credit card,” Noelle said, â??kneel down here,â? as she pointed to the floor.

“You will subscribe to because once a day you are going to gaze at photos of my sexy body and my royal feet and work yourself into a state of arousal, but you will be denied any relief. I am the foot queen here and I will decide when and where you will be allowed any release.”

“Your week of service to me will consist of pampering my feet in readiness for my next photo shoot. Alexis and I have decided that we will use your foot fetish to take complete advantage of you and make you into our total foot slave.”

“Now kiss my bare foot and thank me for allowing you to serve me.” With that command she pulled out a slave collar and fastened it and a leash to my neck.

She then pulled my leash close to her face, and intently stared at me with her beautiful eyes, as she caressed a small cat ‘o nine tail whip. “This will be used to flog your bare butt, just like Miss Alexis warned you.

“Now SUCK my toes and do it right!”

“Please don’t whip me!” I begged. â??Iâ??ll do whatever you say! Please!â?

“Whippings will be a daily occurrence,” she said, pulling my leash even harder, “and I LIKE hearing you beg. It makes me wet.”

Now get out your credit card because you are going to register for a membership with ,� she said, brandishing the whip and fondling the soft leather tails, as she smiled at my complete subservience.

“I am going to enjoy teaching you how to be a complete foot slave for me AND Alexis,â? she said haughtily, flipping her hair back with confidence.

“As a matter of fact,” she said with her big sexy eyes looking down directly at me, “…you are joining her site as well, so click on and then you can beg me not to whip you too hard.”

“May I pâ?¦p…please be allowed to adore your feet after I join those sites, Noelle?” I begged, my face burning with shame and complete infatuation. I was already completely passionate about her and her fascinating feet and I had just met her moments ago.

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