Beautiful Noelle takes off her open toe sandals

Noelle is going to use your foot fetish for her amusement today. â??Take off my sandals and smell my feet,â? she commands, laughing at how quickly you fall to your knees to comply. Your hands quiver as you fumble with the straps of her sandals. She giggles and twists her foot to make it more difficult and to tease you.
Already your boner is prominent in your pants, and she makes it throb by softly rubbing her big toe up the shaft and then scratching her toenail down the shaft. She then begins squeezing your balls with her toes. You gasp with excitement, fighting to keep from making a mess in your shorts. Noelle laughs haughtily, and is quite amused at your reaction to her toe tease.
She lazily throws her sandal across the room and commands, â??Fetch doggy!â? You bring it back in your teeth and put it in her outstretched hand with your mouth. Red faced and panting like a real dog, she makes you do it over and over, while she laughs and points at your big boner poking out of your shorts and leaking on your leg.
At last, she allows you to clean the leather soles of her sexy white sandals with your tongue. She even makes you lick the dirt off the undersides and wash the footprints on the tops. It is so humiliating to have this young dominant blonde wipe her sandals clean with your tongue and laugh at your dirty black tongue.
â??Now BEG!!!â? She lifts her foot above your face and points her toes, scrunching the soles and teasing you.
â??SNIFFâ? You obey. You will do anything the cruel blonde Russian goddess commands! “Drink water from your doggy bowl and clean your dirty tongue. Be a good doggy or I will smack your nose!”
â??LICK!!â? You clean the undersides of both of her smelly feet, rich with shoe leather and her pungent aroma mixed together.
Your penis is throbbing. You wonder how long she will tease you, until she makes you jerk off for her, like she did last time you saw her. She had laughed at the big puddle you made all over the floor at her feet last week. You were red faced with shame, but here you are again this week, willing to pay her for the privilege of adoring Noelle’s pretty bare feet once more.

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