Sexy blonde with big rough soles

In a Sunday afternoon I was bored watching movies and news on TV, the same actors, the same faces, nothing too challenging. I didnâ??t expect anyone but suddenly my phone rang. Finally, something was about to happen to me that day. My girlfriend was tired and she asked me if she could come by my place in order to give her a foot massage. Always a juicy job for me and she knew I couldnâ??t refuse. When she dropped by she was wearing black sexy high heels shoes, some of my favorites. She sat on the sofa and sprawled her long beautiful legs, dangling one shoe.
– Iâ??ve had a busy day wandering though the town and my feet hurt. Come and give me a massage, please! I think you still have some massage oil, isnâ??t it!
Oh, Noelle knew me very well; I always keep oil in my house because you never know when an â??urgentâ? feet massage is needed. I took off her shoes sniffing the odor of her warm feet and then I start pressing gently her soles. Indeed, her big rough soles needed my massage. My fingers were slipping down along her legs and feet and she became more and more relaxed giving me her barefoot in possession. She was looking at me with her beautiful blue eyes, swaying her long blonde hair, encouraging me to go further. Her perfect body was shivering and I knew she was ready to give more pleasure: I kneeled and I started to kiss her soles, I felt every single wrinkle of her feet on my tongue.
Her blue polished toenails were so delicious and I sucked every each toe to increase our both pleasure. When she felt that Iâ??m horny enough, she stretched her legs and caught my dick between her feet, watching all my reactions. She rubbed my crotch until I was ready burst out. Oh, what a Sunday!

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