Leggy brunette in black pantyhose

“I view a man’s fetishes as a tool with which I can train him to conform to my expectations. As a dancer, my feet are always sweaty, tired, and smelly when I get home from work. That’s when a foot slave is most useful to me. My current slave was submissive and had a foot fetish when I first met him; however, he had a strong preference for squeaky clean, perfumed feet. I now make him smell and lick the stink off my nylon feet completely before he is allowed to do anything else. It was obvious that he was a spineless wimp with no ego and was willing to do anything to earn a place at my feet. He had potential. I knew that with a little training and conditioning, he could become an efficient slave to me,” Miss Donna said in the interview, as she smiled and flipped her lovely dark, silky hair back and caressed her leather riding crop. As she spoke her slave knelt meekly at her feet, looking submissively down at her feet with his slave collar around his neck awaiting the command to adore her feet. She pointed her black nylon size 8.5 foot in the air, looked at his quivering naked body at the end of her leash, laughed cruelly, and said one word: “BEG!”

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