Hot Sidney showing her arched soles

Sidney had just brought me back from shoe shopping. â??Lick my feet, they are really sore. And be sure and clean between my toes.â? She laid back and relaxed on the couch as I went to work, greedily lapping at her exquisite soles, lapping from heel to toe.

â??Now bite my heels gently with your teeth. When I am done with you, I am taking you back to the market. I want you to show your complete adoration for me and my feet. You are going to buy me a diamond toe ring.â?

â??Yes maâ??am, Sidneyâ?, I said, barely able to control my excitement. This was a dream come true, I had finally found a true foot goddess, who was willing to take advantage of my submissive foot fetish.

â??And,â? she said in a baby doll voice, â??You will kneel before me, kiss my foot in the jewelry store, and place it on my toe, so all the women in the store will KNOW that you belong to me.â?

â??Yes maâ??am,â? I said, thinking this is a dream come true.
â??I may even model the diamond toe ring on the website soon, so that ALL the footboys can jerk off to it,â? she said in her haughty, domineering way.

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