Sexy Sidney rubbing her big shaped feet

Your heart begins to pound from the moment you lay eyes on Sydney. From her haughty demeanor to her long sexy legs and highly arched feet she is a goddess worthy of devotion. You savor the delicious taste of her lightly flavored feet, the soft flesh, the rolling arches and the curves of the balls of her feet and the succulent toes. Her big toe is soft and pink, and the four little ones curve to form a perfect, flawless shape that you find to be ultimately erotic.

The butterfly tattoo on the top of her foot draws attention to her perfectly arched feet, along with her beautiful ankles. She extends her foot outward, expecting your kisses and licks, the creases of her soles fold and the balls of her feet have that line down the middle, which forms two perfect, plump, pink balls.

She issues a command, â??Lick them until I tell you to stopâ?¦.NOW!â?

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