Sidney showing her slender soles

Sidneyâ??s soles aroused and captivated my eyes as she teased me beyond belief. My nose was fresh with the sweet scent of her feet. I had to kneel before her and beg for the opportunity to tongue bathe her sexy, slender soles. She tossed her hair back insolently and said â??No, bad doggy!â?

I found myself so aroused at her condescending, dominant attitude. I was so willing to debase myself for the chance to smell and lick her feet. She flexed her highly arched soles and wiggled her toes in my face as I begged her over and over for her permission.

She laughed and pointed at my arousal, and continued to tease me again and again. I was her obedient puppy dog in the endâ?¦lapping up her warm foot scent as she enjoyed my warm, wet sloppy tongue salivating all over her sexy feet.

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