Gorgeous brunette with sexy red toenails

My girlfriend slapped me and said directly, â??Get down on your knees, I want my toes sucked, just like you used to do to your ex-girlfriend.â?

She was talking about my ex-girlfriend, a blonde haired twin, who made me massage suntan oil all over her bikini-clad body, while she relaxed on her blanket sunbathing at the park. The blonde had teased me until I was completely mesmerized with her and made me suck her oily toes in public, and my new girlfriend had witnessed this spectacle.

â??Get in between each toe with your tongue!â? she exclaimed. She held her hand up as if she was going to smack my burning cheek once again. â??Youâ??re my slave NOW, donâ??t you EVER look at that blonde slutâ??s feet again!â?

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