Sexy girl takes off her red high heels

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A sexy girl who takes off her high heels has always been exciting for me. Her boyfriend jeans are also very hot: her legs can be easily guessed under the modern pants. The big, fertile breasts in a black bras are pumping the perfect white chemise, almost coming out, enchanting my eyes. The shining red shoes with a huge platform and stiletto heels are extremely appealing to me: I love to lick them and to suck the sexy spikes.
Joy is tenderly touching herself, her fingers cuddling the red high heels shoes. Then she takes them off and she offers me a spectacular show with her flexible bare feet. Seeing me so excited, she is smiling and encourages me to suck on her sweet meaty toes.

Sexy blonde with big rough soles

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In a Sunday afternoon I was bored watching movies and news on TV, the same actors, the same faces, nothing too challenging. I didn’t expect anyone but suddenly my phone rang. Finally, something was about to happen to me that day. My girlfriend was tired and she asked me if she could come by my place in order to give her a foot massage. Always a juicy job for me and she knew I couldn’t refuse. When she dropped by she was wearing black sexy high heels shoes, some of my favorites. She sat on the sofa and sprawled her long beautiful legs, dangling one shoe.
– I’ve had a busy day wandering though the town and my feet hurt. Come and give me a massage, please! I think you still have some massage oil, isn’t it!
Oh, Noelle knew me very well; I always keep oil in my house because you never know when an “urgent” feet massage is needed. I took off her shoes sniffing the odor of her warm feet and then I start pressing gently her soles. Indeed, her big rough soles needed my massage. My fingers were slipping down along her legs and feet and she became more and more relaxed giving me her barefoot in possession. She was looking at me with her beautiful blue eyes, swaying her long blonde hair, encouraging me to go further. Her perfect body was shivering and I knew she was ready to give more pleasure: I kneeled and I started to kiss her soles, I felt every single wrinkle of her feet on my tongue.
Her blue polished toenails were so delicious and I sucked every each toe to increase our both pleasure. When she felt that I’m horny enough, she stretched her legs and caught my dick between her feet, watching all my reactions. She rubbed my crotch until I was ready burst out. Oh, what a Sunday!

Beautiful Natasha show her arched feet

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I love Natasha in her long blue jeans, in fire red chemise. She is so sexy dressed like that! She plays with her orange high heels shoes smiling with her beautiful meaty red lips. She shows me her bare foot letting me touch her soles. Her toes are delicate and long, with natural, French like pedicure. First I like to take her feet into my hands and touch them gently. Then I smell them slowly moving my nose along her feet. I put my tongue on her soles and I move back and forth tasting the sweet flavour of the skin. I suck every toe as she smiles at me very relaxed and pleased. I’m so horny licking her feet and touching her legs dressed in sexy blue jeans.

Natasha in RHT pantyhose

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With those piercing green eyes Natasha is the kind of girl that would eat you alive, looking dominant and oozing with sexy appeal! Taking off her sexy platform heels she reveals some unique looking pantyhose with her perfectly painted pedicure. Soles and toenails in perfect proportion – she will definitely please in every department!

Alanis takes off her high heels sandals

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Do you love girls in latex and high heels? Then Alanis will drive you crazy with her latest photoset! Her big shaped soles and pink pedicured toes will charm you!

high heels sandals

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