Cute girl Amy with long toes

Coming home from the office, cute Amy is wearing a white shirt and simple long black pants. She alsowears intense black high heels. Her eyeglasses do not look geeky at all, but, on the contrary, they look very sexy. Being a secretary she has to be very posh, wearing classy clothes, at work. Tired, she puts away her eyeglasses and she gets off her shoes, trying to get some rest on the black couch. Seeing her barefoot I ask her if I can give her a foot massage, anxious to touch her worm feet in my hands. She is more than willing because her feet have been on those high heels shoes all day. Thatâ??s why she lays down closing her eyes letting her wrinkles soles to my artful fingers. She just smiles and thrills from time to time, when my tongue tastes gently her large feet.

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