Delya in white socks and barefoot

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Sexy Arya and Adele with socks and barefoot

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Today I am going to live a wonderful foot lover experience. My two best friends, Arya and Adele are going to make me feel like I’m in heaven. A redhead and a sexy mean brunette are about to make me kiss their both feet in the same time! Oh my God! They are both wearing jeans and white T-shirts, and most of all, I love their white socks. Adele gives me her socks to smell them, and all my senses are running wild. Arya is asking me to take off her socks too, and I obey, knowing that she is going to make me kiss her soles. While I am liking Arya’s feet, Adele is touching my hard cock with both her feet, making me feel like a bomb ready to explode.

Beautiful Josephine with socks and barefoot

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So cute, Josephine is smiling at me trying to make me come closer to her small feet. She is standing on the table with her feet on the chair. She is wearing black stretched jeans and a red top. Her long beautiful hair and her red lips are making Josephine look like a doll. She is looking like a brunette Barbie but her smile is telling me that she is ready to offer me some special treat, because she is playing seductive with her feet. I am willing to take off her black socks and smell them for a while. Then I intend to kiss her soles while Josephine pushes her cute red painted toenails into my mouth. I love to suck her toes, to taste the sweet flavor of her skin.

Tonia-Sexy blonde with small feet

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Hi! My name is Tonya and I love having my feet caressed and kissed. I think that this is a proper presentation because you’ve came here especially to meet the kind of girl I am. I am expecting you to take off my white socks and to touch my small feet. Today I chose to wear a pair of modern jeans and a comfortable chemise. I think that I look pretty sexy and appealing for a foot lover, especially because I am going to let you sniff my soles and use my white socks as you like. Can you already feel the warmth of my feet? I am sure that my blue painted toenails are not just sexy but as tasteful as you imagine.

Tall girl Aurora takes off her white socks

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Coming from college, dressed in her casual jeans, Aurora is talking about today’s classes and about a workshop she has been involved in. She has just took off her shoes and her white socks spread a warm odor that I adore.
It is enough for me to want more. I come closer as her feet are up on the table in front of me. I take her feet into my hands and I am sniffing along delighted and closing my eyes in adoration. Aurora takes off her white socks and she gives them to me to feel it close to my body. Watching me doing this, she is smiling and she is teasing me touching my cock with her feet and toes.

Sexy Joy in white socks

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Joy is such a young and pretty girl and she dresses like a teenager. She loves sport outfits and that’s why jeans and sneakers are her favorites. I watch her taking off her black sneakers, eager to put my nose into it, to inhale the sweet odor inside; most of the times it is enough for me to get hard but Joy shows me her sexy white socks and she flaps it into my face. The smell is so great that I start to sniff them too…Joy gives me her cute feet to kiss and lick them all along. My tongue is all over these soft soles. Her red painted toenails on my mouth feel like candies on a birthday cake.

Beautiful brunette Hera takes off her white socks

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The beautiful Hera in her slim figure and casual attire looked so fresh and full of energy in her sexy tight jeans and white ankle socks dazzling before our eyes! Peeling her socks off slowly to show off beautiful pedicured long toes with long toenails ready to scratch you (in a sensual way) 🙂

Sexy Blonde take off her white socks

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Miss Nathalie sat down in the green chair and looked at me and pointed at her socks. “Take them off with only your teeth and lick all the warm moisture off my soles.”

Her socks clung to the arches and balls of her size 9 feet, highlighting the high arches and curves of her feet. I started licking and was almost done with the second foot, when she prodded my mouth open with her long toes and pushed her foot into my mouth.

“Wash them clean and polish my soles with your tongue!,” the blonde foot goddess said with a haughty attitude.

I obeyed, only to be admonished with a soft slap to my face with her hand.

“I want you to clean between my toes!” She gave me a condescending look and pointed at some dust which was mixed with some glitter from walking barefoot on the floor.

“I SAID lick them CLEAN, SLAVE!.”

I re-doubled my efforts, as she reached for the whip that Miss Noelle had left with her to keep me in line.

She looked as if she was going to enjoy punishing me, and had a slight sneer on her sexy lips, which told me she was quite dominant and might even brag to her girlfriends on making me submit to her feet.

“Look at my feet, while you clean them, SLAVE!”

I quivered at the thought of a punishment from this strong, domineering blonde. I knew that she would make my bare butt hurt with her superior attitude.


I knew that it would not be long before she decided to enhance my submissiveness to her and her sexy feet with the whip nearby.

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Alanna takes off her white socks

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Alanna allows you to watch, as she slips off her socks and lets you have a naughty peek at her red toenails, freshly polished and pedicured. She presents her foot for you to kiss. Maybe she will allow a prolonged foot massage from you, as this beauty lounges on the couch and enjoys watching you work on her feet.

white socks

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