Cute girl Liza with smooth soles

Liza seems to be very tired because she has spent the last four hours with her friends at the club, dancing and singing. Although it is almost two oâ??clock in the morning, I am willing to keep her company because she has trouble sleeping. She wants me to stay with her, to chat until she falls asleep. I agree, and while I am talking to her, my attention is drawn by her feet, laying lazy on the small table in front of her. She didnâ??t had the energy to change her clothes yet and her white socks are very appealing to me. I find the opportunity to ask her if she wants a feet massage and Liza is more than happy to offer me her legs waiting for relaxation. Having her feet into my hands, I can already feel their warmth, a pleasant sweet scent is tickling my nose. I am so anxious to kiss her soft soles!

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