Beautiful Alanna in sheer tan pantyhose

Wealthy Russian women are really dominant and cruel and like to amuse themselves with making male servants pleasure them. They really know how to subjugate submissive males like me and use them.
Miss Valerie was a haughty Russian blonde in her early forties with her hair pulled up and expensive glasses on. She had an air of a princess about her and I was merely a servant to her due to my foot fetish.
She led me crawling on my knees into another room with my leash on to meet her daughter Miss Alanna.
My penis sprang to attention as soon as I laid eyes on Miss Alanna, who was dressed in a really short white skirt with a leather vest and a wide leather belt. She looked a lot like her mother, Miss Valarie, a dominatrix who loved to make men into foot boys.I knew the wide leather belt would be used to punish me if I disobeyed either one of these ladies, from past experience. I badly wanted to sneak a peek at her panties, and I knew that if I was caught looking I would be punished.
I obediently crawled to Miss Alanna, who was sitting on a black leather chair. She dangled her tan and black high heeled pump from her toes and dropped it on the floor revealing her perfectly formed feet, with soft wrinkled soles and perfectly formed toes.
Miss Alanna gazed at me with a stern look and lazily pointed to the shoe that had fallen on the floor. I looked downward the the shoe, knowing full well that she would “inadvertently” expose her panties to me and that I would be in a predicament for panty peeping. I had been reprimanded and paddled on a few occasions by her mother, Miss Valarie, for gazing up her skirt while sucking her toes.”Alanna, here is your slave for today,” her mother said. “He is quite an accomplished little foot slut,” she said with a superior air about her, as she laughed.
“He is very submissive and especially good at cleaning feet with his tongue. I think you will enjoy his foot rubs and he is a dutiful little shoe shiner as well. I have him service my feet several times a day and his tongue is very talented in that regard.”
“You can start with putting your nose in my shoe and smelling it until I tell you that you may stop,” Miss Alanna said in a businesslike tone that was haughty and superior, much like her appearance. “And when you are done sniffing my heels and tongue shining both of them, I will expect you to suck my stinky scent from my pantyhose and then you will slide them off my legs and then lick my bare feet.”
At that moment, both women laughed cruelly at my plight.
I knew right away that I was destined to be Miss Alanna’s foot boy, just as I already am to her her mother Valerie.

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